Japanese Cream Stew

So – this isn’t really an “original recipe” post, but it makes for a comforting and delicious dinner, so I thought I’d post it anyways 🙂

If you are looking for a hearty, warm, and comforting dinner choice that is a little unique I would definitely recommend Japanese Cream Stew.

The box (pictured below) was purchased at Don Quijote, but they sell it all over the place (ie: Foodland, Times, etc.)  It says 8 servings, but I decided to make the entire batch at one time so I can pack leftovers for lunch during the week.

I started with cooking chopped carrots, onion and potatoes in a little oil with salt and pepper.  Once everything started to become a little caramelized, I added thinly sliced chicken (I also got this at Don Quijote from the “shabu shabu” or “hot pot” section of the meats).  Since the chicken is cut in thin slices, it cooks quickly 🙂

Once the chicken and everything is cooked, I followed the instructions on the box and added the necessary amount of water.

Once the mixture started boiling, I added in the cubes of roux from the box.  Slowly mix until all the roux is incorporated. (*Optional: at this point, I added in frozen peas because I prefer peas over broccoli lol and I thought the stew would look better with a pop of green color)

Continue to cook per the box’s instruction.  Once done, the stew should be thicker in consistency.  I poured it over some hot white rice.

YUM!  This stew doesn’t taste like ordinary stew.  I find it to be lighter and creamier than normal stew, but with a hint of sweetness that pairs well with the chicken, veggies, potato and rice.

If you haven’t tried this before, I definitely recommend giving it a try 🙂

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