About Me

Welcome to my site!

My name is Kira and although I’m busy with my career as an attorney, I love food, cooking/baking, and trying food at various restaurants and places!  I constantly cook for fun and my husband, Alex, so I thought why not start a blog for people to follow along with?

Here’s a quick overview about me 😊

I currently live in Hawaii (on the island of Oahu), and am Japanese American.  I am married to an amazing man, Alex, who is from California.  With both of our love for Asian food and the variety of Asian-fusion restaurants we have here on the island, we eat a lot of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese (..you name it!).  However, I love cooking all types of food and baking bread and desserts!  After all, I did grow up in New Jersey so my tastes in food are pretty broad.

I went to law school in Philadelphia, but am a practicing attorney in Hawaii.  (I came back to practice in Hawaii because I am extremely close to my parents and realized I would hate to never see them if I was an attorney on the East coast).   I currently focus in the practice areas of collections, commercial real estate, bankruptcy, probate (for underlying foreclosure cases), corporate law, and general civil litigation.  I work at a law firm in downtown Honolulu that I can honestly say has the most amazing people (all the partners included!)  Being a young attorney, I am SO incredibly blessed to have found this firm where I can grow both professionally and personally.

With a love for food, cooking, and the law… here, you will find everything from restaurant reviews, recipe creations and attempts (Pinterest anyone??), and occasional legal blog posts!