Tori Ton

Did I ever mention I LOVE Japanese food?  Well, I may be biased (because I’m full Japanese), BUT it’s delicious and not too greasy or heavy.

Well, Tori Ton has been on my list to try forever, because my friend said great things about it.  However, given with how busy I am, I only finally got to try it recently.

I went in wanting to try a few things, so my friend and I shared.  To start off, for appetizers, we got marinated quail eggs.

These were yummy (if you like eggs that is), and they were the perfect size to just pop into your mouth 🙂  The marinade was light and not too salty, but went well with the egg.

Another appetizer we ordered was cold cucumbers – it comes in a sesame oil marinade and was delicious and addicting as well.

Of course, I saw onigiri on the menu, and had to try at least one 🙂  So I ordered the mentaiko onigiri, and it didn’t disappoint.

Now – this dish was my favorite!  It was thin pork wrapped around premium rice (yes! there’s rice inside there), AND you dip it in the raw egg yolk.  SO GOOD!  The pork wrapped rice on a stick had a light teriyaki-type sauce on it, and the combinations of the salty and slightly crispy pork, the fluffy premium rice inside, the sweet sauce, and the creaminess of the egg yolk were so simple, yet out of this world!

We also decided to get a pork wrapped mochi.  Since I love mochi, I enjoyed this as well and I enjoyed the crispy texture on the outside and the gooey mochi on the inside 🙂

Overall, the prices were very reasonable, there was a pretty good variety of food, and everything I ordered was delicious!  I can see why my friend comes here over and over again.  The only down side is this place is very very small (with only 4ish tables and a little bar you can sit at).  Other than that, this place definitely gets a 5/5 in my book 🙂

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