Pho Time Aiea

With today’s dreary weather, what better to review than a new pho place?!  “Pho Time Aiea” opened a few months ago, and eager to try this place before running errands, we came right as they opened.  Luckily, we were the first ones here so service was pretty quick.

Every time my fiance and I try a new Vietnamese place, we HAVE to get the “usuals” to compare: Shrimp summer rolls, and “pho tai bo vien” (pho with beef and meatballs).  We decided to order those two, and something that stood out to us on the menu: Pho Burrito!!  Reading that, we had to try it 🙂

SHRIMP SUMMER ROLLS:  When they first came out, we noticed the portion was little small for being, I believe, over $6.  For around the same place at other places, we got a bigger portion.  One thing that stood out, however, was the peanut sauce.  It tasted unlike other places, and had more of a “rich” and “creamy” taste that was so flavorful and addicting!

PHO BURRITO: We were SO excited to try this, and it did not disappoint!  For $9.50, you get 2 burritos (cut in half – so 4 in total)!  Stuffed inside is vermicelli noodle, beef, bean sprouts, mint leaves, and some kind of sriracha aioli.  It was full of flavor, delicious and filling!  My fiance and I couldn’t help but gobble up the whole thing.  The only thing (for me at least) is that I found it to be a little too spicy.  However, when my bowl of pho came, I dipped my burrito in my broth – SO GOOD.  I would love to see a shrimp version of this 🙂

Here’s a closer look of inside the pho burrito.

Next, came our large bowl of pho thai bo vien we decided to share (because we knew we wouldn’t be able to finish a bowl by ourselves after that pho burrito and summer roll!)

For $10, the “large” bowl of pho was equivalent to other place’s medium.  So essentially, you pay a little more for a little less than you’d get elsewhere.

However – the broth here was a tad bit more flavorful than other places, the pho came with a good portion of meat, and the pho was still very satisfying 🙂

In all, breakfast/lunch came out to $32ish (not including tip) – not bad.

Overall, I would definitely recommend trying this place out!  Service is friendly, the place is clean, they offer a mix of Vietnamese and Japanese entrees, AND they have pho burritos!  Next time I definitely want to try their banh mi sandwiches as the pictures looks really good!

Only downside?  For the shrimp summer rolls and the large pho, while delicious, the portions were a little smaller compared to other places, while the price was a little higher.

SCORE: 8/10

Check them out on Yelp here!


**This review is strictly based off of my own opinion and not meant to be an advertisement, marketing partnership or any type of affiliation with this company.  I have not been compensated in any way in exchange for this review.

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Nice taste


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