Compost Cookies

So one day my fiance and I were watching a cooking show, and it was about Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC.  While the cereal milk soft serve is wildly popular, what caught my eye was the compost cookies.  Compost cookies has everything from pretzels, potatoes chips to butterscotch morsels to make a sweet and savory cookie.  Sounding unique and delicious, I wanted to try this out myself!

Luckily, Momofuku has the recipe on their website, which you can find here.

So – following the recipe, I started making the “graham crust” by smashing up graham crackers.

Then, I added in the milk powder, sugar, and salt (below).  I then added the heavy cream and butter mixture and added it to the graham cracker mixture. (Sorry – forgot to take a pic!)  What resulted was a slightly moist graham cracker mixture that would be perfect as a crust for a pie (hence, it’s name), or to even eat by itself!  Alex and I were eating it and it’s taste closely resembles eating golden graham cereal with milk haha.

With the graham crust being made, I then started out to make the cookie batter as the instructions directed.

While the batter was being mixed, I added in crushed pretzels, lay’s potato chips, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, ground Kona coffee, and old-fashioned rolled oats.  When everything was mixed together, it looked like this..

After chilling the dough in the fridge for about 2 hours, it was time to spoon the dough onto the baking sheet!

When it came out, the house smelled heavenly and I could amazingly smell a little bit of the graham cracker, the coffee, chocolate, etc.

This was my first batch, and it did not come out so pretty, but it was delicious!  It was slightly crispy on the outside, and the inside was nice and chewy with the combo of sweet and savory definitely catching your attention.

This is a closeup of the cookie 🙂

While this cookie was good and nice and chewy, I think next time I will add less ground coffee than the recipe called for since I noticed the coffee taste was overpowering everything else.

Other than that, this recipe was delicious!  I brought a bag to work (I don’t want all the cookies to be in my house.. because we’d eat it all haha) and it was gone by the end of the day lol.

Want to make these cookies?  For simplicity, instead of typing out the recipe like I normally do, go to the hyperlink to view the full recipe here.


*DISCLAIMER: Foodie at Law posts in no way provide any warranty (express or implied) in regards to the recipes provided or the outcome of said recipes, and I am not a chef or professional cook.  These recipes are intended solely for informational purposes and readers are advised to use their own discretion when it comes to food, health, allergy and cooking safety.  While original recipes will occasionally be posted, recipes obtained from other sources are appropriately cited.

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    So yummy


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