Sweet chili shrimp stew

Do you love seafood? Sweet chili sauce? Hearty stew over rice? Then dish is for you.

If you have everything already, this dish comes together in 30 minutes!

You will need: onion, garlic, mushrooms, fresh or canned tomatoes, sour cream, sweet chili sauce, chicken broth, frozen or fresh shrimp (here, I used pre-cooked, peeled frozen shrimp), salt, and pepper.

As I have stated in previous blog posts, I sometimes don’t measure my ingredients and just go by taste. If you want to see the original recipe with the measurements, scroll down below to click on the link to the original source from “Natasha’s Kitchen” blog!

As the base of most delicious things, start sauteeing chopped onion and minced garlic in olive oil. I also added some salt and pepper.

Once the onions start to turn translucent, I add sliced mushrooms. Cook until it starts to get soft, then add one can of diced tomatoes (with some of the sauce in the can is okay). Stir and cook until mixture is boiling.

Once the mixture is starting to boil, immediately add approximately 1/2 cup of sour cream, a tablespoon or 2 of sweet chili sauce, a little more salt, and mix.

Once ingredients are mixed, add low sodium chicken broth (enough to cover the mixture). Stir to make sure ingredients are all mixed together.

Once the stew starts to boil again, add your pre-cooked and peeled frozen shrimp (or fresh – depends what you have on hand).

Cook for another minute or 2, and turn down heat to low and stir to ensure shrimp is heated with the stew.

Annnd, that’s it! Serve with rice (see pic below), mashed potatoes, pasta, or even enjoy it as-is with a side of crusty bread! it is the perfect combo of savory and sweet with just a little hint of spice!

I remember as soon as I tried this recipe from “Natasha’s Kitchen” blog, it became one of my favorites since it’s so easy, flavorful, and unique 🙂

Check out the original recipe by clicking HERE.

DISCLAIMER: Foodie at Law posts in no way provide any warranty (express or implied) in regards to the recipes provided or the outcome of said recipes, and I am not a chef or professional cook.  These recipes are intended solely for informational purposes and readers are advised to use their own discretion when it comes to food, health, allergy, and cooking safety.  While original recipes will occasionally be posted, recipes obtained from other sources are appropriately cited.

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  1. Loved the recipe. I am going to try it once this situation gets over. I am a travel blogger from India. Please give my blog a read too.


    1. Kira Kay says:

      Thank you! Hope you like it

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