Itaki Box Pro!

While this isn’t a “normal” recipe or food review post, I still thought I’d share because this is a game-changer!

I ordered something called “Itaki Box” (the “pro” version) after seeing a video of it on Facebook.  Instead of just a lunchbox that “warms” your food, it COOKS your food, is tiny and portable, and as long as there is an outlet, you can use it!

Naturally, when I saw it, I was so interested and did some research on it (there’s not much reviews on it yet though).  Regardless, I bought my fiance and I one since he is always on the job, and even if he is not at his work building, he can still have a fresh and hot lunch (since a lot of his work vans have an outlet in it, or at least a converter outlet).

As soon as it came in the mail, I tried it out.  I put in some uncooked white rice in the bottom compartment, and on the top compartment I put in raw bok choy, shrimp, and a piece of sausage.  There really were no “recipes” or detailed “instructions” that came with the box, so I kind of just guessed.  I estimated the amount of water I put in my rice compartment, and I measured out 6 servings of water (using the measuring cup it comes with) and put it in the lunchbox.

Here’s what the lunchbox looks like.  I ordered the color blue for myself.  It’s so cute and Japanese looking! πŸ™‚  Also, it’s very light/portable and even comes with a cute bag too!

After turning on the power button, I let the Itaki Box do it’s thing.  The instruction manual stated that the button turns off when all the water is gone.  However, after an hour of cooking and realizing maybe I put too much water in, I turned it off and opened the Itaki Box to see if my food was done.

My shrimp and sausage was nicely steamed/cooked, and my bok choy came out perfect πŸ™‚

I was surprised to see that the rice also came out perfect as well!

My first attempt was pretty successful and I was impressed.

**The next day at work, I put in a can of chili in the main compartment and put some rice in the smaller top compartment and it worked out perfectly as well.

Overall, I’m super satisfied with this, and it allows me to eat a hot and fresh meal at work without using the microwave.  I read that the Itaki Box is also good for cooking soups, pasta, steamed eggs, porridge…etc.

I’ll be sure to post some other things I end up cooking in my Itaki Box, but if you are interested in buying it, you can go here to order it.


**This review is strictly based off of my own opinion and not meant to be an advertisement, marketing partnership or any type of affiliation with this company.  I have not been compensated in any way in exchange for this review.

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  1. heidigano1 says:

    I came across your blog when I was searching for recipes for my own Itaki Box Pro, I got the same color as yours and same website. I got mine in Sept of 2019 and forgot all about it until an fb ad popped up again. I went over my old emails and I found a pdf file they sent. I will surely try what you made here as well. Thanks.


  2. laine says:

    Thanks for writing this review! Are you still happy with it? How long is the cord? I want to get it for a college student but I don’t know if she could plug it in to a classroom outlet while she is in class. Does steam escape from it while it is heating up? Thank you,


    1. Kira Kay says:

      Hi! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while, but to date, I am still happy with it! The cord is a little short, but I just sit it down on the floor by my desk while it’s cooking. Steam does escape a little from the top while cooking, but not too much.


  3. 's No Rest says:

    How does the pro version differ from the plain one?


    1. Kira Kay says:

      Hi! I am not sure, as I only have the one mentioned in my blog


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