Ham and Cheese Stuffed Croissants


Looking for a super easy dinner, or want to whip up something easy to “grab and go” for the week?  Stuffed crescents are seriously the easiest and it’s easy to customize it as you can choose what you want inside.

Some ideas for filling flavors are cheeseburger, tacos, pizza, spinach and cheese, pulled pork and BBQ sauce, or even sweet ideas like PB&J, or cream cheese and fruits!  The possibilities are endless.

This week, I just made ham and cheese since I was limited on time and ingredients.

I bought two cans of “Pillsbury Butter Flakes Crescents.”

Once you pop open a can to get started, break the dough apart into the pre-cut triangles.  Grab one of those triangles and stretch it out (carefully).  Place half a slice of deli ham and shredded cheese of your choice (I used cheddar) onto the wide part of the triangle.

Then, slowly wrap the dough around the fillings and ensure that all holes are cinched together.  Here, I just took the bottom two corners of the triangle, placed it over the fillings, and pulled the tip of the triangle down and wrapped it around – ensuring there were no holes for the ingredients to leak out of in the oven.

Repeat until your first batch is done and placed on a greased baking pan.  Usually, I would use a pastry brush to brush egg whites onto the top, but like I said I was in a rush lol.  So, instead, I used cooking spray and sprayed it gently on top of the croissants.

Cook according to the instructions on the cans.  (Which I believe is baking it at 350 degrees for about 12-16 minutes).  Take out of the oven once the tops are golden brown.

And.. you’re done! That’s it 🙂

After cooking, I put it on a plate to cool, and then stored it in a container in the fridge for my fiance and I to eat on the run.


*DISCLAIMER: Foodie at Law posts in no way provide any warranty (express or implied) in regards to the recipes provided or the outcome of said recipes, and I am not a chef or professional cook.  These recipes are intended solely for informational purposes and readers are advised to use their own discretion when it comes to food, health, allergy and cooking safety.  While original recipes will occasionally be posted, recipes obtained from other sources are appropriately cited.

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