Spam Musubi

Since my earlier post today had to do with musubi, I thought, “Why not include how to make spam musubi at home?”

So – here it is.  Everyone has their own way of make spam musubi for those beach picnics or a snack, but this how I usually make it since I don’t have a spam musubi maker haha.

Of course, step 1 entails getting a can of spam!

Also, make sure you have a pot of hot rice (partially cooled – you don’t want it too hot) ready.

*My personal preference is just adding a tiny bit of sesame oil and salt to the rice.  However, you can leave it plain, just add salt, add furikake, or make it into a sushi rice mixture – it’s all up to you!

**Also, you want to make sure that the rice is the perfect moisture.  You don’t want it too moist because then it will be mushy.  However, you don’t want the rice too dry because then it won’t stick.

While you can make your own teriyaki sauce (or just cook the spam in sugar and shoyu), I opted to cook the spam in this teriyaki sauce.

Cut the spam to your desired thickness.  This is how I did mine.

Once the spam is starting to brown a little in the hot pan, add in some teriyaki sauce for the spam to cook in.  Don’t forget to flip it so both sides of the spam gets to cook in the sauce!

Yum 🙂  I personally like to make my spam a little caramelized like below.  Once spam is cooked, put it on a plate to cool a bit.

Next,  break out your nori (seaweed sheets).

*TIP: after you are done, place it in a freezer ziploc bag and store it in your freezer – it keeps it more fresh and prevents it from getting soggy

While there are various ways to do it, I opted for the simple thin strip.

*I also like making the nori strip thicker so it wraps the entire musubi, or making the spam musubi into “onigirazu” style.

Place a strip of nori down on the saran wrap.  Then, place a ball of rice like below.  (It might take a few tries to gauge how much rice is a good amount, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy)(then length and with should be approximately the size of a piece of spam)

Once the rice is set down, place a piece of spam on top.

Then, wrap the seaweed strip over and on top of the spam.  Once that is done, carefully overlap the saran wrap in the middle, and twist the saran wrap near the ends of the musubi.  Once you wrapped the musubi, you can fit the shape of it as needed.

And that’s it!  Easy spam musubi without using a spam musubi mold 🙂

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