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With all this free time on my hands, I am finally uploading food pictures from our honeymoon last August.  Since I posted about our favorite sushi place last time, I thought it’d be most fitting to post about our other food adventures in Tokyo.  While I don’t remember everything I ate, or exactly where I got it (for a couple of them), I have input the restaurant name and address by their respective food pictures.

So the first night after we ate our delicious sushi dinner at Sushi-ryori Inose, we decided to be piggies and indulge in food from 7-11 to bring back to the hotel room to munch on.  For those who have never been to a 7-11 or Lawson’s in Japan, it is NOTHING like the 7-11’s on the mainland.  In fact, even though Hawaii has great 7-11 food (bentos, manapua, sushi, ramen, etc.), 7-11 (and Lawsons and Family Mart) in Japan takes it to a whole new level.  Not only do they have delicious Japanese-style ramen, sandwiches, onigiri, sushi, chips, and pastries.. but they have all types of other hot food too (way too much to list them all).

As a light breakfast for the next morning, I got one of these mini belgian waffles.  Simple yet delicious.

Mitarashi dango!  Pieces of mochi in a sweet and savory shoyu (soy) sauce.  We have these back in Hawaii, but since we were in Japan, I couldn’t resist haha.

7-11 in Japan also has delicious Japanese-style pastas.

I think these chips were cheese and garlic flavor?

Alex loves simple sandwiches, so he got this sandwich from 7-11.  Fluffy, crustless, Japanese bread 🙂

The next day, after we had our wedding-attire photo shoot in yukata (since it was summer and very hot in Japan), we walked around Harajuku and Shibuya.

Harajuku is not only filled with crowds of people, and girls dressed like anime dolls, but lots of crepe places too!  Japanese crepes are so good so we had to get some to snack on 🙂

Another day for breakfast, only a block away from our hotel, we found this cute little cafe.  I LOVE traditional Japanese breakfasts, and this place was heavenly.  My set came with a miso soup, raw egg, natto, tofu, fluffy tamago (egg), nori, and rice.  Healthy, delicious, and cheap!

Yayoiken: Open 24/7!  You can click here to browse their Tripadvisor page.

For one of our dinners, we went to a place called Hakushu (or Kobe Hakushi Teppanyaki) near the Shibuya area.  Delicious kobe beef – look at the beautiful cuts of meat!

This place is also family-owned, and I love how they cook the steak for you right in front of you, but they also place the delicious cooked steak on pieces of bread.  That’s right – at the end, all the fatty and flavorful goodness is soaked in the bread for you to eat at the end.  They also cooked yummy veggies (which I forgot to take a pic of, because, obviously – the meat was the star of the night lol) and you had two choices of sauces to use.

Hakushu: their Tripadvisor page can be viewed by clicking here.

If that wasn’t enough for dinner (we were stuffed by the way haha), on our way back to the train station to get back to our hotel in Shinjuku, we walked through Shibuya at night, and I got this Wagyu steak stick.  For about $23, I was skeptical, but it was actually DELICIOUS.  I should have got more haha.  It seriously melts in your mouth without being TOO fatty.

For one of our lunches, we decided to check out Sushizanmai.  It’s a chain restaurant that has many locations throughout Tokyo, but the particular location we went to was Sushizanmai Shinjuku East Entrance.  (It was a little confusing finding the place since it is in a plaza, and you have to take the elevator to the third floor, but thanks to a friendly local, we were able to find it).

This place was cheap, yet everything we had was very good quality.  Of course, we had to get maguro (ahi), chutoro (medium fatty ahi) and toro (fatty ahi), and negitoro (minced ahi with green onion).  We also got a seared chutoro (upper right of the plate below)

The quality was good, and the prices were pretty cheap, so even though we were kind of full (we basically ate non-stop on this trip haha), we got a salmon nigiri, bonito nigiri, negitoro, uni, and ikura.  I was surprised with the uni (raw sea urchin).  I am not a huge fan usually, but this was pretty good and did not have too much of a gross ocean taste.

Check out these cheap prices!  We sat at the sushi bar, so we just told him what we wanted, and they just placed it in front of us.

Sushizanmai Shinjuku East Entrance: click here for the Tripadvisor page

As if we didn’t have enough sushi yet (is that even possible?) we also tried a place called “Mantenzushi”.   They have two locations, but we went to the Nihonbashi one (TIP: if you make reservations here, pay close attention to which location you made reservations at! haha, we initially went to the wrong location – oops!)

This restaurant is very small with about 10 seats at the sushi bar, and 3 small booths inside.  And like Sushiryori Inose, this place was “omakase” style.

*Disclosure:  While I love sushi, this place served a lot of unique things that I particularly did not like haha (maybe I am slightly picky) – but overall, we got about 23 dishes, and we were STUFFED, and only paid about $80 each.  If you like adventurous omakase, I recommend trying this place out 🙂

Below are the pictures of each of our courses – I can’t remember everything I ate.

Mantenzushi (Nihonbashi location): check out their Tripadvisor page by clicking here.

For our last night in Tokyo, Alex and I went to another “yakiniku” type place for more wagyu and kobe beef meat!  This place is a little hidden and it’s in a basement in the Shibuya area, but the food was delicious, and most of all, the service was AMAZING! Literally every waiter and host was so friendly and made you feel like you were family.

(*I also found out they are opening a location right here in Honolulu sometime this year so I am excited 😀 lol)

Alex and I ended up getting one of the combo meals, and our appetizers came out first.  (check out their variation of a steak tartar with raw wagyu – this was amazing! and the sauce that comes with it goes perfect with it)

With our set, we got various types of wagyu beef – look at that marbling!

Since this is a yakiniku place, you cook your own meat.  The waiters are there if you have any questions 🙂

With our combo, it also came with wagyu beef nigiri – simply melt-in-your-mouth mmmm 🙂

This place was definitely one of our favorites – not only for the amazing quality meats, good prices (it was about $80 for each of us), but the service was on point!  We will be back 🙂

Han No Daidokoro Kadochika: click here to see their Tripadvisor page

And that’s it for this post!  I will gradually be posting our other food adventures from Osaka, Bangkok, and the island of Koh Samui 🙂

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