Purve Donut Stop

Whew! After the Hurricane Lane scare last week, plus being busy with work, a new post is long overdue.

Anyways, what better way to start the week with a blog post on DONUTS!  And what’s better than Donuts?  Supporting local businesses in Hawaii 🙂

I saw pictures of cute little donuts on Instagram and knew I had to try them out (even though I’m not a huge fan of donuts).

First off, I was glad to see there was ample parking although the location was in town.  Once I parked, I headed in towards the shop and got a waft of baked goodness.  As soon as you walk in, they have a display of the donuts they have for the day, along with a paper menu to mark off which ones you would like to order.

I love the presentation!  And, it actually had me craving donuts haha.

One on the display caught my attention.  A donut with li-hing mui powder on it!  If you don’t know what it is, “li-hing mui” powder is popular in Hawaii and can best be described as sour with a slightly sweet aftertaste.  It is sprinkled on everything from fresh fruit, popcorn, and gummies!  Since I love li-hing anything, I immediately knew I would get this as one of my choices.

After browsing the display again and the paper menu, I chose: (1) Sunburnt Haole; (2) You’re Killing Me Smalls; (3) Rug Matcha; and (4) Unicorn Butt Sneeze

The gentlemen who work there were very friendly and interactive with the customers.  If it is your first time there, don’t hesitate to ask them questions, as they genuinely seemed like they wanted to spread the Aloha and their yummy donuts!

They made the donuts fresh right there, and packed it in a to-go box.

First up: “You’re Killing Me Smalls”:  This is a cake donut (all the donut options are), with a chocolate glaze, graham cracker crumbs, and a toasted marshmallow with a cute “Teddy-Graham” looking bear laying in the marshmallow.  So cute 🙂  At first, I thought this wouldn’t be my favorite because I am not a huge fan of chocolate.  However, after biting into it and tasting the delicious creamy and sticky toasted marshmallow.. the chocolate was not overpowering and it kept me coming back for more!  Seriously though – that marshmallow topping with the graham cracker crust and chocolate-frosted donut is DELICIOUS!

SUNBURNT HAOLE: lol, if you don’t know, “Haole” is a slang term in Hawaii for a Caucasian person.  I was so excited to try this since I LOVE li-hing, and I definitely was not disappointed!  The donut had a lemon glaze and was dusted with the li-hing powder. Mmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!  The lemon and li-hing paired well together and I enjoyed the uniqueness of the flavor combo on the donut.

UNICORN BUTT SNEEZE: Yes..  you read right.. it’s called Unicorn Butt Sneeze! LOL I love the name, and looking at it, well.. I think the appearance matches the name.  It’s a donut frosted with lemon glaze and topped with fruity pebbles.  The combo makes for a fruity and delightful donut and was a favor of my fiance’s!

*Side Note:  I love how this donut matches their logo – a Unicorn situated in a Yoga “Cobra Pose” and farting out some colorful stars and the Hawaiian Islands (that match the color of the fruity pebbles). Haha.. definitely unique.

Next, I tried the RUG MATCHA:  It was a donut frosted with matcha (green tea) frosting, and topped with a piece of a Kit Kat.  If you love matcha (which I do), I definitely recommend this as the subtle taste of green tea is really good paired with the lemony donut and the chocolate of the Kit Kat.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed every single flavor of the donuts I got, and did not find them to be dry at all!  However, one downside is that each donut is a little pricey – $3.25.  Despite the prices being a little steep, I definitely recommend coming here to try some out!

Check out their Yelp page here.

**This review is strictly based off of my own opinion and not meant to be an advertisement, marketing partnership or any type of affiliation with this company.  I have not been compensated in any way in exchange for this review.

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