Freshly Caught Marlin from the Waters of Maui

So this really isn’t a “recipe” post, but I’ll just share it in case anyone is interested 🙂

My neighbor just got back from Maui (he’s a fisher), and gave my fiance and I a big chunk of Marlin he caught that morning (see below).  Although I LOVE sushi, I get grossed out by blood and scales, so I have never really handled huge amounts of fresh, raw fish.

The color was a pretty pink, and after talking to my parents about things I can do with it, I first decided to cut some of it up in cubes to make poke (for those that don’t know, poke is pronounced “poke-eh” and is cut up fresh fish with various sauces and seasonings).  Since I unfortunately didn’t have any green onion, onion or any other toppings really on hand, I mixed the cubed Marlin with shoyu, sesame oil, and salt.

Trying it, the Marlin tasted very fish, and while it wasn’t as soft as say, Ahi or a buttery piece of raw Salmon, the Marlin was still very good raw and did not have a “fishy” taste.  Alex liked it prepared simply like this, and he helped himself to the whole bowl haha.

After trying some of the poke, I decided to see what it tasted like pan-fried.  I cut two fillets of Marlin, and sprinkled it with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.


After pan frying the Marlin in a hot pan with olive oil until cooked through, I just plated it with rice, furikake, and some Shibazuke (Japanese pickled cucumbers and eggplant).  The pan-fried Marlin was delicious as keeping the ingredients and cooking simple allowed the flavor of the Marlin to shine through.

Since the fish was huge, I cut the rest into fillets as well and packaged it individually in the freezer. 🙂

Does anyone have a favorite way to eat Marlin, or have some good recipes?  I’d love to hear them as I have a lot stocked in my freezer haha.

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