Katsumidori Sushi

Sushi!!! My fiancé and I love sushi and eat it often 🤗 Luckily, since we live in Hawaii, we have a LOT of options. However, if you are looking for great quality at amazing prices, Katsumidori is the place to go! (We go at least once a month lol) It seriously feels like you are in Japan ordering sushi!

We made reservations with our friends at 8:45pm on a Saturday night (as it was the last open reservation spot). Since this place is very popular, I highly recommend making reservations, or in the alternative, arrive before they open.

As soon as you get seated, you will see a wash cloth (a cold oshibori) to wipe your hands.

In addition to regular printed menus, they have an iPad at each table where you can put in your order.

*Note: if you sit at the front of the restaurant along the windows, your food will come out on a little tray in a “conveyer belt” fashion (for a lack of a better word) in which you press a button to send the tray back once you take your plate off. All other tables receive their sushi normally.

Here are some pictures of a few pages of the menu. Notice the very reasonable prices!

Before putting in my order for sushi, I ordered a chawanmushi (a savory Japanese egg custard that is slightly brothy). This was only $2! Plus, getting this at Genki Sushi since I was a toddler makes this dish very comforting and nostalgic for me.

We also got the asari miso soup, which is miso soup with clams in it. If you love miso soup and seafood, I highly recommend this! For I believe $4.50, you get a huge bowl, and the flavor of the clams complements the miso soup perfectly.

Now.. let’s get to the sushi!

Here’s a list and pictures of everything we ordered:

TOROTAKU HANDROLL: ($5.00): handroll filled with a generous amount of toro (the fatty part of the ahi) with takuan. (A pickled radish). The toro melts in your mouth and the combo with the sweet and pickled radish is so addicting!

NEGITORO ROLL: (I think $9): Toro-filled sushi with more toro on top, garnished with green onion (“negi”) – YUM!

Our separate orders were arranged on one plate, but starting at the top left going clockwise: (1) salmon avocado nigiri drizzled with Japanese mayo (2) Chutoro (medium fatty tuna) (3) Shoyu (soy sauce) marinated salmon (4) two pieces of hotate (which is raw scallop – so plump and sweet!), (5) Otoro (fatty part of tuna – this literally melts in your mouth like butter!)

Here’s another view of the plate

Our friends love uni (sea urchin) which I am not a fan of, but is pictured below. It has a very oceany-taste with a slight sweetness that is hard to describe. It’s definitely an acquired taste!

We also got salmon nigiri – we LOVE how they are generous with the pieces and the fish is the main star (not like some places where it is mostly rice compared to the fish)

Finally, we got shoyu-marinated maguro (tuna). I love the bright red color and even though it’s not the fattier parts of the tuna, it still melts in your mouth!

So as you can probably guess from this post, I would give Katsumidori a 10/10! If I’m craving quality sushi but don’t want to blow money at an expensive restaurant, I always come here!

Check out their website HERE!

**PARKING: you can valet park at the Prince Waikiki Hotel for $6 OR you can park along the marina where you pay $1 per hour and you put the ticket from the machine on your dashboard.

**LAST CALL on a Saturday night is at 9:45pm

**only downside is they have no bathroom in the restaurant – you have to walk to the hotel lobby and the bathrooms are between 2 stores


**This review is strictly based off of my own opinion and not meant to be an advertisement, marketing partnership or any type of affiliation with this company.  I have not been compensated in any way in exchange for this review.

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